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Adobe Creek
127 First St., Los Altos CA; Tel. 650.917.2000
New American. The two-story atrium dining room provides for a vibrant scene, and the menu surfs the foods of the moment, including grilled portabello mushrooms, elaborate salads and a long listing of red meats. Full bar, banquet rooms.
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250 Third St., Los Altos CA; Tel. 650.941.8150
Japanese/sushi bar. Nigiri and maki treasures are gracefully presented at this attractive restaurant. Beer, wine.

233 Third St., Los Altos CA; Tel. 650.948.3524
American grill. Expect bold, carnivore-pleasing food in this Los Altos pizzazzy diner--spit-roasted chicken, apple-cured pork tenderloin and grilled artichokes are highlights. Upscale casual. Wine, beer.
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170 State St., Los Altos CA; Tel. 650.948.1382
Continental. Elegant seafood, meat and game dishes lean toward reducing fat without compromising taste at this Los Altos restaurant. Call for resvervations. Full bar.

Chef Chu's
1067 N. San Antonio Rd., Los Altos CA; Tel. 650.948.2696
Chinese. Speedy service, superb preparation and the ability to cater to varied tastes keep this landmark Los Altos restaurant in business. Casual. Full bar.
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971 N. San Antonio Rd., Los Altos, CA.; Tel. 1.650.941.8976.
Regional Mexican. It is the changing selection of specials that makes Estrellita restaurant worth seeking out. As you walk into Estrellita, there's a table that displays the specials of the month drawn from a different part of Mexico. Estrellita's also great margaritas with top-shelf tequila and hand-squeezed limes.

i Fratelli
388 Main St., Los Altos CA. Tel. 650.941.9636
Classic Italian. Bimonthly menus feature a handful of variations on old recipes as well as a host of traditionals. Dressy. Wine, beer.

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